Treetastic 4 at Firehouse Gallery

12472332_10153940711881047_7494807006385886134_nApril 15th- May 7th 2016
Treetastik: Life Amongst the Trees at the
Firehouse Gallery 1015 N. 1st Street PHX
Curated by Spider aka Kristina Kuhl

Through Art and inspirations , trees provide life from shelter, to food, to imagination, and even magical. From animals who take shelter in trees to childhood treehouses & mysterious fairies this 4th annual Treetastick will be full of life and magic. Over 20 local Arizona Artists bring you a tree inspired artworks. It’s a beautiful show and one I’m proud to be a part of. I’ll be downtown this Friday, May 6th. Please invite your friends and connections to the show and I hope to see you there!

Lauren Bishop
Richard Bledsoe
Cindy G. Castillo
Sondra Carr
Krisiten Fagan
Massimo Kylene Corponi
Tara Gamel
Margarete Beeson-Giacomazzo
Winston Harrell
Bill Hemphill
Karma Jean
Kristina Kuhl
Lori Landis
Jamie Long
Kara Marshall
Jewell Medina
Chuck McCune
Nancy Romanovsky
Kristy Theilen
Leslie Walker
Steve Wesby
Jason Youngdale
Rachelle Olsen
Kharli Mandeville

Little Moon

Some of my favorite moments as a child involve looking up at my beloved night sky. Nighttime swimming at my uncle’s house as a kid was the best. I found so much peace and happiness floating along the water and looking up at the darkness. At my childhood home, sitting on top of our roof outside my sister’s bedroom window was my all time favorite spot to relax and dream.

When Bert and I moved into our own home in the desert, my sacred space was swinging in our hammock, you guessed it, under the night sky. I have always been a night owl and I’m sure my connection to the moon and stars is why I am that way.

While painting intuitively, you can imagine the joy I had when this sweet little moon face appeared! The stars showed up after and I love the whimsy nature of them. Oh Little Moon, you have my heart!

LittleMoon-copyrightLittle Moon, 24″x 36″, 2015, Original Sold

This beauty was sold quickly and went to the home of a wonderful soul in Phoenix.
She also has a love for the night sky so, I knew it was meant to be.


I have this art printed on my phone case and get to see and enjoy it every day!

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Visions of Spring I and II


I created Vision of Spring in 2013, it was a fun process to create this large abstract color painting. I love the colors and it has been consistently one of my top art pillow cover sellers however, this piece has yet to find it’s home. I think that’s been a good lesson about what is pleasing in one format may not work in a different one. I decided to keep the original design available for prints and printed products and add some embellishments to the large painting to play with it a bit more and see where it leads.

IMGP7646-copyrightVisions of Spring I (original), 30″x 48″, 2013

I added more gray, some sprigs of flowers and pod shapes for an delicate look. I loved the softer colors in the original and wanted to play up that feeling.  I am really enjoying the vibe of the makeover artwork yet, I still love the original work. What do you think? Do you prefer the color wash before I embellished it or after? I found this to be a neat painting experiment and practice in letting go and moving forward when something isn’t working as it is.

VisionII-copyrightVisions of Spring II (makeover), 30″x 48″, 2015

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Abstract Mandalas I and II

One of my favorite things to paint is mandalas. The repetition of shapes and patterns is freeing and calming to create. You simply start with a center and add on one row at a time. As mandalas change and evolve they help you to see how one thing leads to the next. They are a good tool for trusting and working through your intuition. I fall into a blissful meditative state whenever I draw or paint one. Today I want to share with you two different but, similar styled abstract mandala paintings I have created. You’ll also find a link to watch a work in progress painting video. Super vulnerable moment as I’m not very confident on camera but, you have to start somewhere. xo

AbstractMandala-copyrightAbstract Mandalas I, 30″x 48″, 2013

AbstractMandalasII-copyrightAbstract Mandalas II, 24 x 36, 2015
See a work in process video of this painting on YouTube

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Believe in You Affirmation Artwork

I enjoy making art that speaks. In this case it is a positive affirmation and reminder to believe in yourself. An affirmation is a personal statement that can be used to boost self-esteem, reduce stress, and manifest the life of your dreams by retraining your subconscious mind. The playful colors and mandala design along with the affirmation in this artwork will infuse your space with positive vibes and gently remind you that you are worth believing in.


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Lively Flower Artwork

Still life flowers transformed into lively flower artwork! I began a three canvas journey with these still life’s below a couple months back. The feeling I got creating the still life’s was one of stiffness, restraint, questioning. I knew I needed to free up my process and start again so, I painted over the paintings. I am so much happier with these flower paintings. I know how much joy I poured into painting them and I think it shows.



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Paint Like You


The desire to paint a flower still life has been in the back of my mind for awhile. I had a vision for how I thought it would turn out.  After getting some tulips from my sweet husband it inspired me to get started. I began these 3 paintings below – sunflowers, peonies and tulips. They started with good intentions and vision but fell flat on execution for me. I was getting so frustrated and I think it shows in the tight, unnatural feeling I got from this work so, I let them sit for a few days.



I picked up the sunflower painting and added pattern, deeper colors and was feeling better about it.  I slept on it and the next day I realized it just didn’t feel right and I asked myself – would I hang this art proudly in my home? The answer was no. It didn’t feel like me. At that moment, I reminded myself of something that I had read recently … paint like you. I needed to forget about what I wanted it to be, stop comparing my work to other still life art on Pinterest and just paint like me.


So, I got to work covering up the sunflower still life and this happened instead!



I love looking at the collage and seeing that I could have stopped at frame 5 or 6 or 8 and be really happy with it. Stopping before I “go to far” is something I continue to work towards feeling more confident about. Taking many pictures as I work is helping me see when to let go, call it done and remember to just paint like me.


I encourage you to do things your way too! It is truly freeing to give yourself permission to just be you.

2014: A Year of Painting

It’s been one year since I embarked on a fresh start in my little corner of the internet.  In keeping with the season of celebrating the past year, I wanted to take a look back at the artwork I created in 2014. It’s been a beautifully colorful journey in a variety of painting styles, subjects and a much larger mix of commissions then years past. I am still feeling my way through what feels right and what’s my authentic self. Just keep painting, that’s my plan for 2015!


31 Days. 31 Drawings.


Every October artists all over the world take on the INKtober drawing challenge and do one ink drawing a day the entire month. I found out about this great challenge from my Instragram friend @aisforanika – thanks Anika! I was in a little of a creative slump and had just bought a cute little pocket journal with 32 pages from Bonnie from Going Home to Roost when I saw Anika’s INKtober post – it was kismet!

I decided to give it go, use my little journal and start a daily drawing practice for the month of October. I shared my drawings on my Instagram feed daily (of course, Instaluv!) and Facebook weekly. Since it was the first time I used a sketchbook for a specific purpose I thought it was a great time to create my first sketchbook flip video, yay!

Mesa Street Art Love: Upcycled Planter Project

IMG_6541I can’t believe I never shared the final planter piece on my blog. I shared on Instagram and Facebook and then forgot all about my very important blog, so silly of me. To see the inspiration pictures and planning for my planter, click here.

Here’s a little background on the project – Downtown Mesa has teamed with local artists and businesses to build “Main Street Art Love,” a series of unique planters along Main Street. The up-cycled planters, which will bring additional desert foliage to the main drag. (New Times Culture blog wrote about the project and I am very excited to have my name mentioned! Click to read this article.)

Pictures of the work in process.

PlanterWIPCollageI took the cart apart, sanded it and spray painted it with a fresh color. I decided to give the second tier some artwork with an abstract desert scene. I painted the bottom wicker compartment with a matte silver spray paint and then let loose and had fun with the small suitcase. I loved adding the quote on the inside to give it a little extra whimsy. I fastened the suitcase with some hardware to keep it upright and used gorilla glue to keep both the wicker compartment and suitcase affixed to the cart.

This is my finished upcycled planter for Desert Blossom Salon & Boutique in Downtown Mesa!


Just needs desert plants added to bring it to life. The planters will be out until forever, so you can stop by Desert Blossom Salon & Boutique in Downtown Mesa anytime to take a peek at my planter as well as the other artists work on Main Street.