21 Day Blog Love Affair: Day 1


“A true love story never ends” Kristen Fagan, 2014


Listening to a 21-day meditation on love + Desire to show my blog some lovin’ = 21 Day Blog Love Affair!


Here’s the deal, I have been transitioning to a new year, a new website and a new family schedule the last couple months. I have had lots of wonderful blessings to share, but I’m off balance, tired, overwhelmed at times and  somewhere amid the chaos I get stuck. I want to write, but I’m unable to get started. I think it will take too long, I won’t have the words, I’m wiped out and just want to give myself a blog pass. This isn’t how I want to feel.


The truth is, I am excited to share and passionate about my creative pursuits. I want to connect with you and I love when someone else is authentic and sharing from the heart. I know I have beautiful moments to share and want it to flow through me freely. I am making a commitment to you, my friends, to post something on my blog everyday for the next 21 days. I need to make this easy. Some days will be short and sweet and other days I hope to dig in deeper. I may share projects in process, something inspiring or simply a picture. I want to loosen up, let it flow, be in the moment and see what happens.


My blog love affair was inspired by Flora Bowley’s 30 Day Blog Love Affair last year. I loved the concept and how beautiful her daily posts were.