21 Day Blog Love Affair: Day 14

Every other Friday I volunteer in my boys classrooms for Art Masterpiece. The school district gives me a print to share and discuss with the classes. Our latest masterpiece is “The Gleaners”. “The Gleaners” is an oil painting by Jean-Fran├žois Millet completed in 1857. It depicts three peasant women gleaning a field of stray grains of wheat after the harvest.

I am in my 5th year of volunteering and finally able to not stress out about it. It’s a short 20 minutes but, it’s taken me a really long time to not have anxiety the entire evening before and day of the presentation. I wouldn’t miss it each year though. For me, it’s a great way to be involved in my boys classrooms and share my passion. Our elementary school doesn’t begin to teach art until the 4th grade so, the kids really enjoy learning about the artist, talking about the art and seeing something totally new to them.