21 Day Blog Love Affair: Day 15


Sage smudging to clear energy in my studio and begin painting on this beautiful desert evening. Totally new to me. I haven’t painted in awhile and all week I wanted to, but kept putting it off. I decided a quick studio cleanup and sage smudging would get things going. That along with my window open to the cool rainy air and the smooth sounds of Matt Corby, I setup a wonderful environment for creating.



It was a beautiful two hours! I got paint down on four new canvases. I was happy to play. Really, it had been too long.


In other news: Ethan had football playoffs this morning. He was the team co-captain with his buddy, Cayman and they won! It was a fun game to watch. Both teams played well. We walked away with a 31-23 win. Ethan has grown so much in his understanding and skill of the game. This season has been a lot of fun.