21 Day Blog Love Affair: Day 16


It’s been a soul-full Sunday. My day began picking a fresh lemon from our tree for hot water and lemon, a morning ritual I am trying to get back on track with. Then my friend Stacy picked me up and we went to Mula Yoga for a restorative yoga class. Bliss. Restorative yoga is giving yourself a great big hug full of love. It stretches and soothes my body and centers my mind. While I was out Bert and Steve took the boys to a spring training game at the new Cubs Stadium nearby. I had the whole house to myself for three hours! I walked right past the dishes and marched upstairs to my studio. It was time for me to get down to business and finish what I started last night. After a quick sage smudging around the room, I set off to paint. It was so nice to have a completely open day just for me.

Everyone got home about 3:30 and Hudson joined me to paint a bit himself. Since the boys all stuffed themselves to the point of being sick at the game no one was hungry for dinner. Not having to stop my creative flow and make dinner was the cherry on top of a very sweet Sunday.