21 Day Blog Love Affair: Day 18-21


Ha! I kinda lost a little passion in this little bloggity love affair didn’t I?! It was a good exercise to try. I wanted the daily practice to help me deepen how I write and what I share in this space. In honesty though, my feelings about the love affair ran the gamut. I felt excited to write and share in this new space. I felt inspired and motivated to create. I felt guilty when I was too busy, tired or empty to write. I felt like a failure when my posts were digging deeper as I had hoped. But, in the end I feel grateful. I’m happy that I stretched myself to try this daily practice. I learned that blogging every day isn’t a good fit for me at the moment and that going deep is tougher to manifest then I thought and that is ok.

Day 18 and 19, I worked each day and prepared for March’s weekend art walk in downtown Phoenix. Day 20, I was at The Roose Parlour and Spa during First Friday’s art walk celebrating my art exhibit in their parlour and spa for the month. A few good friends stopped by to see my work and joined me wandering around Roosevelt Row. Day 21, I went to yoga, took my youngest to a birthday party and had a family dinner with friends. Day 22, I was the featured artist at Yoga Styles and spent the day there during the Art Detour 26 art walk. I painted some small artworks alongside their sidewalk sale.

It’s been a wonderful 21 days.