21 Day Blog Love Affair: Day 2


Hi there and welcome to day 2. Yesterday was a long and exciting day for my kids. My oldest son caught the football in the end zone for a touchdown at his game! My youngest competed for the first time with his hip hop dance crew the Royals and they took home the 1st place trophy in their category! We were out of the house from 10-12pm in the morning for football and then at the dance competition from 1:30-7:30! We were able to leave for a couple hours for dinner but, boy were we tired last night. So proud of both of my guys!


I rolled out of bed at an incredibly delightful time of 10:30 am today. It’s been a couple weeks since I had the chance to sleep-in like this morning and it felt wonderful. After Bert and I watched our favorite show, CBS Sunday Morning, I embarked on a 3 hour cleaning adventure. Doesn’t it sound exciting calling it an adventure, ha! Sweeping, mopping, laundry, kitchen and bathroom cleaning oh my. I dragged the kids into the act and they straightened up their room and playroom as well. I get such great satisfaction from a clean and organized space. I find I can’t concentrate well in a cluttered home. I am much happier when everything is neatly in it’s place. Do you feel that way too? Or is a little chaos a-okay with you?


After all that cleaning my sweet friend Carrie came by to watch the kids while Bert and I went to lunch and a movie. We saw The Monuments Men,  based on a true story of World War II soldiers recovering artistic masterpiece from Nazi thieves and returning them to their owners.  It wasn’t the most exciting movie I’ve seen, but nonetheless it was a story worth watching. I honestly hadn’t realized that Hitler had stolen hundreds of works of art in an attempt to own them and in some cases destroy . It made me think about what would have happened had no one thought that the art was worth saving. Our art history and cultural knowledge of the past would be much more limited.


I finished the day by baking banana bread and watching Downton Abbey before bed. It was a pretty perfect Sunday. Hope you didn’t find this account too boring to read. I’m working on just writing instead of over-analyzing and stopping myself from writing at all. Have a great night.