21 Day Blog Love Affair: Day 4

The day started off really lethargic. My joints felt better but, not yet 100% and I was so very tired. For a little bit I thought I may have come down with something more then food related sensitivities but, I didn’t have any other symptoms so, I’m pretty sure this was a gluten build-up reaction.


For the last two days I slept for hours and hours, ate very little – oatmeal, salmon and  couple rounds of juice;  cucumber, orange, ginger and spinach, orange, beet, ginger.  By the late afternoon I sat outside for some sun and that started to perk me up and made my hopeful that the second half of my day would be better the first half.


By the evening I had to make a trip to school meeting to check out a possible new school for my son entering 5th grade. I had already missed the first meeting so, I dragged myself out of the house. I felt better heading out in the world though. After two days of not being able to move freely it was nice to go out.