21 Day Blog Love Affair: Day 8 and 9



Today, after a big breakfast I headed out to search for a new area rug for our den. I was so over our rug, we have had it for many years and it was worn and slightly small for our current space. After spending a good part of the day looking at a few stores, I planned to return home without one. Then, I ended up near a Big Lots and decided to give them a look. They had a simple 6×9 ft Berber rug for only $50! It’s nothing fancy, but it’s large and freshens up our space so much. It’s a nice neutral backdrop for my rotating wall art. Colorful couch pillows up next plus, we have a few other things we need to update like our couch cushions, tv stand and a plant for this room before it’s all done. So a little savings will help me get a few steps closer to finishing the room.

I took the old rug outside and beat it with a baseball bat! Wow, what a way to release some tension. In all seriousness though, I totally understand now why people do that. I was amazed and a bit grossed out by the amount of dirt and dust releashed. After a few rounds of beating, I vacuumed it and placed it in the kids playroom upstairs. It’s all wood and gets pretty noisy up there so, I’m really looking forward to it helping to muffle the sounds of blocks, trains and just dance thumping.



Saturday was flag football for my oldest son. It was their second to last game and although his team didn’t win, he played so well! He is on defense and took his job very seriously. He captured 4 or 5 flags – I lost count. I was really proud of how much he has grown this season. I ended Saturday night babysitting my friends kids while they went out to celebrate their wedding anniversary. I had a headache and was feeling a little sorry for myself on my way over, but that quickly changed when her kids greeted me with such excitement and happiness when I got there. They are so stinkin’ cute. I felt much better during the evening and was really happy to have been able to give my friends the chance to celebrate.

In other news, Bert has had a nasty cough for a couple months and finally had a chance to see a Dr. on Friday. Turns out he has bronchitis. He was prescribed cough medicine and an inhaler. Although he still has quite a road to full recovery I am happy to see him on the mend. His coughing attacks are less frequent and less violent. I am sending him healing thoughts to feel well. Poor thing has been sick for far too long.