Painted Geometric Wood Loop Earrings

Painted Geometric Wood Loop Earrings by Kristen Fagan



Fashion Trend


    1. Cut two 8″ pieces of .019 Diameter Soft Flex Wire. Clip a bead stopper to one end of your wire pieces. String 15 delica beads, 1 wood rectangle bead, 15 delica beads and a crimp tube. Remove the bead stopper and feed that wire end through the crimp tube, center the loop and crimp.

    1. String 6 delica beads on each side of the wire. Add a crimp tube to one wire and string the other wire end through the crimp tube to complete the circle and crimp. Trim excess wire. Add a jump ring and ear wire. Repeat on the second earring. Earring finished size is 2″ not including the ear wire.

    1. If you want you can add acrylic paint details to the wood beads with a brush or paint marker, leaving some of the wood exposed. Lastly, add a coat of Modge Podge to the wood beads to seal them. You could do this step first however, I like to add paint details after the jewelry is made. It’s a little backwards I suppose but, I enjoy letting the design speak to me and help me decide what pattern to add.