The Enchanted Tarot

While checking out the Creative Catalysts Silver Lining exhibit at K’é – A Place to Grow Small Business during 2nd Fridays in downtown Mesa, I spotted a sidewalk sign for a metaphysical shop and decided to take a peek. I have been wanting to get a deck of oracle cards for a while. This shop only carried Tarot, however I could use them similar to oracle cards.

I opened and flipped through the first deck. Pictures were pretty, seemed like a nice deck. I then opened the second deck and I was hit with an overwhelming sense of tingling that began on the left arm and went up over my head and down the right arm. Whoa! I had heard about the deck connecting with you energetically, but couldn’t believe it really just happened. It began as soon as I opened the box and took me by surprise. It was such a strong sensation. As I flipped through the artwork and I just kept tingling all the way down my body. It was so strange and delightful at the same time. I was laughing and telling the girl at the counter how I couldn’t believe that actually happened. I obviously had to buy this deck.

I have been enjoying the ritual of asking the deck what I needed to know that day, drawing a card and then learning about the meaning. It helps me stop and think about what the card is trying to tell me in regards to what’s going on in my life at the moment. The first 3 days I pulled cards that all related in some way to finances, I know the universe is trying to tell me something there!

Have you used tarot or oracle cards? I’d be interested to hear how you use them. 

Bracelet Design Tutorial Published in Beadwork!


Beadwork Magazine
Feb-Mar 2017
p. 44

I am so excited to finally be able to share this design with you! It’s my debut jewelry tutorial project design with Beadwork magazine. I love that it is showcasing how to use Soft Flex beading wire in a non-traditional way – with Kumihimo! This design uses a flat braid pattern made with the square kumihimo plate combined with superduo two-hole beads.

I just love the elegant look of the braided wire and the flat braid is so comfortable to wear.


If you get a chance, I hope that you will check it out and give it a try!

Sacred Word of the Year: Presence

Happy New Year! Choosing a word of the year is one of my favorite New Year rituals. I love how it weaves it’s way through my year. It usually shows up in unexpected ways and always prove to be a guiding light. This is my 5th year choosing a word – I have chosen ABUNDANCE, CONNECTION, NOURISH, and DEVOTED and each served me well and in their own way.

In sharing my word of the year, I believe that it creates a sacred energy that feeds and nourishes it’s intention.

My heart has chosen PRESENCE as my sacred word for 2017.

Truthfully, when it first appeared towards the end of the year I was all YES! I even picked up the book Presence by Amy Cuddy to read. Before I began reading I started to doubt it. I didn’t feel as if it was active enough so, I thought of other options. However, I kept coming back to PRESENCE – ultimately it chose me! I loved all the expressions of presence and how it relates to personal power discussed in the book. Once I embraced the word, I realized all the ways it was a perfect fit.

“By accessing our personal power, we can achieve “presence,” the state in which we stop worrying about the impression we’re making on others and instead adjust the impression we’ve been making on ourselves.”

Ways I wish to embody PRESENCE

  • Let go of the past and release future worries. Only this moment is real. Be present.
  • Technology detox – disconnect from devices and allow inner self to show up.
  • Remember where attention goes, energy flows. Focus toward that which ignites passion.
  • Relax into the flow of life with yoga and meditation to discover peace, joy, and purpose.
  • Create rituals to empower my soul and bring consistency into my life
  • Be confident enough to share my imperfect self and imperfect work with the world.
  • Focus on the positive and lift each other up

Why Choose a Sacred Word for the Year?

ONE WORD deepens change. It relieves the pressure of having to make too many changes all at once and provides a laser focus on one significant change. Most of us forget our long list of intentions. It is easier to remember one word.

Tips to Choosing your Sacred Word

➳ Ask, “What word do I want to embody into in 2017?”
➳ Intuitively choose a magazine.
➳ Flip until you find a word that surprises or delights you, cut it out.
➳ Research and contemplate what your word means to you.
➳ Let your word pick you. If you “think” it’s not right but, you can’t shake it – honor it.
➳ Create artwork to celebrate and illustrate your word.

Life is yours to create!








Gratitude Changes Everything

15219597_1166234743414485_6262426479666908882_nWatercolor and ink artwork created for KERRY Magazine.
Border art appears on the back cover of Issue 3.
Quotable art was given away at the KERRY Launch party!


Gratitude changes everything. It’s a sentiment that has been on my mind a lot lately. I have felt less then grateful in some areas of my life – it has worn my compassion thin and frustration and unrest have taken up residence in it’s place. The suffering we experience really takes place in our minds. We look at reality vs what we “think” it should be and when it doesn’t align we feel that with anger, frustration and resentment. To be free, we need to let go of the idea that life will not challenge us. Life is never free of challenges. It’s possible to accept them and transcend them by actions, and one way to do that is through conscious gratitude.

I started a family gratitude jar in the beginning of November and intended to read through the notes on Thanksgiving, however, I changed my mind. I wanted us to have a little more time to think about the things in life we are grateful for so, instead, it will be a nice new year’s activity.

Stopping to think about what you are grateful for opens your eyes to the beauty this truly is around. I know that I have never been more grateful for my opportunity in this life to express myself through my art. It helped me see that most of my stress was in response to thinking about the future. It’s the present I needed to embrace. And, when I made that shift in my mind things got a little easier. It’s been such a profound effect that I think my word of the year may be “presence”. I’ll talk more about what a word of the year is and why I like to choose one soon.

“If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the present.”~ Lao Tzu

If you are interested in making your own, I shared a diy: make your own gratitude jar on my blog, here. If you’re feeling a little ungrateful this holiday season I encourage you to give it a try and see how things start to shift. Even if you are already full of gratitude, it may be a nice family activity to do together.


Free Printable: Tiny Petal Gift Box


I worked with Soft Flex Company this holiday season to create a sweet little petal gift box for gifting small jewelry pieces or tiny objects.


Ribbon, tape, printer, paper and the free printable.


  1. Click to download the 5×7 petal box template free printable.
  2. Print directly onto card stock of your choice or print on plain printer paper and use as a template for specialty or thicker paper.
  3. Cut along the sold lines and fold along the dotted lines.
  4. Cut out your gift tag/box topper of choice.
  5. Wrap your earrings, bracelet or other small object in tissue paper and place in the center of the box.
  6. Fold, secure with tape and decorate your gift box.

Here are two ways to fold and style your gift box.

petalboxstyle1 petalboxstyle2

Printable created in collaboration with Soft Flex Company.

Water is Life


Our water on this planet is in danger. Military action, for private interests, arresting peaceful native protestors on private land on behalf of big business. If you are unaware of what is happening at Standing Rock click here and watch the featured video.

“When all the trees have been cut down, when all the animals have been hunted, when all the waters are polluted, when all the air is unsafe to breathe, only then will you discover you cannot eat money.” ~ Cree saying

Here is what the White House has to say about the project in the petition in case you are not aware of the issue:

“The Dakota Access pipeline is set to be constructed near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota, crossing under the Missouri River which is the only source of water to the reservation. The pipeline is planned to transport approximately 470,000 barrels of crude oil per day. The potential of oil leaks would contaminate the only source of water for the reservation…an oil leak from a separate pipeline in North Dakota was discovered (8/15/16) to have leaked over 500 barrels of oil since the leak began on July 19, 2016. You can read the article here: A leak like this from the Dakota Access pipeline would leave the Standing Rock Sioux without any clean water.”

Let’s say no to the Dakota Pipe Line #NoDAPL and sign the petition:

Shiloh Sophia wrote a poignant article about what is going on that was shared by Robert Mirabel, Native American musician and activist on his site, you can read it here.

For Giving Tuesday, please join me in donating money to support the men and women that are risking their lives as they peacefully protest at Standing Rock. In collaboration with my Good Karma sale, I will be making a donation to the Medic + Healer council:

I’m grateful to those who placed orders this weekend, thank you for being a part of our collective “good karma” donation. With all my heart, I am thankful for all of you for your support and presence in my life!

Good Karma Sale: 15% off + Support for Standing Rock



The GOOD KARMA SALE is back! What’s that? It’s a chance to make the holidays meaningful + spread good karma by pledging to give back. Today through November 28th at midnight, I’ll be donating 10% of my sales to the Standing Rock Medic + Healer Council.

15% off your entire purchase in my shop >>

Use the coupon code GOODKARMA at checkout to redeem your discount.

Want to donate directly to the Medic + Healer council? Find info here:

What is a Good Karma Sale? Started by Kim Krans of The Wild Unknown Tarot – “In 2013, we decided to raise the vibration of our annual holiday sale with the launch of our Good Karma Movement, inviting other artists, designers, brands and businesses to join us in our shared commitment to donate 5-10% of our Black Friday through Cyber Monday revenue to charity. ” Learn more here:

Liz from The Lotus Root introduced me this movement and is also participating. Visit her shop here:

Free Printable: Make Your Own Gratitude Jar


Several years ago I kept a gratitude journal that really helped me recognize all that I have to be thankful for. Today, I am sharing a variation on that idea that includes the whole family! I created a free printable to go along with a thankful family activity you are sure to love.


Jar, ribbon, tape or glue and this free printable.

1. Click to download and print the free gratitude jar printable.
2. Cut and adhere the label to your jar.
3. Tie a ribbon around the jar for decoration (optional).
4. Cut the prompts below into strips.
5. Fill in the blanks and place them in the jar.


For a meaningful Thanksgiving day activity, create this gratitude jar and read through your family’s responses before of after Thanksgiving dinner.
Printable created in collaboration with Soft Flex Company.

Healing Stone Collection: Gemstone Shield Necklaces


Do you ever wish you could walk through life with the knowledge that you are protected? That you sense an invisible shield around you, keeping negativity at bay and amplifying more of the positive energy you want to embody? I want that too! I believe in the power of gemstones and created the gemstone shield necklace collection as a beautiful way to support you so you feel confident to walk boldly in the world. Gemstones emit vibrations that that can aid the wearer in different ways. Each stone’s unique composition infuses it with powerful energy that can be utilized for specific purposes, such as to protect, heal, release spiritual blockages, energize, provide mental clarity, and more.


Click to see the collection and the energy each necklace embodies.


Peace: A Symbol of Love and Equality

Peace Mandala
Original available. Message me to inquire.
Prints and printed products available >>

A few Peace Mandala prints have sold over the last week. One was purchased this morning and it brought my attention to the fact that peace is something we all crave. Especially in times of fear and sadness. I began this painting during a soul quenching painting party a year ago. The mandala grew into a sunflower and then the peace sign appeared after the attacks on France. I painted through the fear and sadness and the symbol emerged to guide me. It’s a symbol of love and equality. To remind me of the good in the world and to let that be the guiding light in my heart and mind.


It does not mean to be in a place with no noise, trouble or hard work.

It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.

~ unknown

Catching Dreams, An Intentional Art Workshop


Catching Dreams is an intentional creative workshop. For this workshop, I am teaming up with intuitive life coach Kerry Burki to help you tune into your dreams, your desires, and your intuition. Kerry will guide you on a meditation journey and mini-oracle card reading beforehand to help you get clear on your dreams and what might be blocking your access to them and Kristen will guide you to create your own dreamcatcher artwork that will hold magical power for your journey ahead.

The new moon is the beginning of the lunar cycle and is a rebirth and regeneration of energy.

It is a more restful and calming energy though and becomes more active towards the full moon. This is a good time to explore new projects and goals and dreams you wish to see through.

Some believe feathers hanging from a dreamcatcher are a soft ladder for good vibes to glide down.

Through getting clear on your desires and the creation of your dreamcatcher artwork during the new moon, you will attract those good vibes and have a visual reminder of those big, beautiful dreams of yours! Create art as a mindful practice and bring your intention for the coming months into visual form.

Heart full of moonlight
Soul full of dreams

Catching Dreams Workshop Details:

October 1, 2016
Lively Mind Art Studio
3232 N 16th St.
Phoenix, Arizona
1 pm – 4 pm

Click Here to Register

Bring a pen and paper or journal.
Have a dream in mind that you are working towards or want to explore.
No experience needed.
All supplies included.
Bring your favorite beverage (BYOB).
Light snacks provided.
Wear clothes you don’t mind getting paint on.

*** Limited to 10 Dreamers.***



Watercolor Arrow Illustrations

It’s not every day that a project comes along that fits with my style so well that the work is all play, but that’s exactly what happened when Kerry contacted me to work on arrow illustrations for her. I started out with page of arrow sketches in pen, then I created a couple watercolor sketches. In the final step, I needed to adjust the color palette. I manipulated the colors in Photoshop based on the color swatches that Kerry provided and BOOM Kerry Burki’s arrows were born.

arrow-pensketch arrows-pensketch2




arrows-watercolorsketch1 arrows-watercolorsketch2 arrows-watercolorsketch3 arrows-watercolorsketch4



I thought it was extra sweet that Kerry had a phone case made for herself from the arrow artwork. What a beautiful reminder for her to keep aiming for her dreams.

I truly loved every moment that I worked on these arrows. To have the opportunity to combine my art with design was pure magic. It’s a direction I have wanted to take my design work for a very long time. So grateful to work with a such an amazing person with a beautiful vision and desire to help others slow down to move forward. You can find out more about Kerry at