Mandala Stone


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Hand picked beach stone for it’s color and shape and adorned with a one of a kind mandala design in ink gives each stone it’s own unique vibe. You may use it for meditation, as a paper weight, a personalized talisman (I can add a word to the back of the stone upon request) or display this little treasure within your home or office. A hand drawn mandala stone makes a thoughtful gift.

What do you want to create in your life? How do you want to feel?

Mandala stones are a wonderful “tool” for meditation and mindfulness. Set your own meaning and give your intention to this stone, so you can call on it as your talisman anytime you need it. Once the intention has been set, allow yourself to take in the lovely design and let your mind wander. This little treasure will fit in your pocket or palm of your hand – bringing you the energy you need.


:: Measures as shown (using my hand for scale)

:: Stone pictured is the one you’ll be getting

:: Natural white beach stone from Long Island, NY

:: Hand drawn mandala in black ink.

:: Not finished with any coatings.  It’s natural stone and ink, simple!

:: Due to the handcrafting nature, no two stones will be the same and may have slight imperfections. This is part of the hand drawing process. That is what makes your item unique and one of a kind.