Animal Guide Painting & Meditation Workshop


Join artist, Kristen Fagan, and author, Kerry Burki, for an in-person workshop to connect with your current animal guide and to create a sacred intentional painting that supports your self-discovery!

In this workshop, you will tune into the energy of your spirit animal guide, your desires, and your intuition.

  • Connect with your current animal guide
  • Receive wisdom and guidance from your animal guide
  • Paint a multi-layered picture of your animal guide
  • Use your artwork as a way to connect with and work with your animal guide
  • Begin to use animal medicine and energy in your life

Time: TBD

Date: TBD

Location: TBD

Includes: Canvas, painting supplies and light snacks

Cost: TBD

You will be guided on a meditation that includes drumming to either connect with or discover your current animal guide. Then you will have the option to journal about your experience and also doing a little research about the energy associated with the animal that showed up. Then Kristen will guide you to create your own animal guide artwork that will hold magical power for your journey ahead.

Badger by Dawn Pratt

Hawk by Michelle Tetreault

I am rearranging some things in my art room and I came across this beautiful, feisty, angry and uncomfortable badger that I discovered during Kristen Fagan and Kerry Burki’s “Animal guide and sacred painting workshop“! This was an incredible class with a guided meditation where I learned more about myself than I could’ve imagined! And then I painted my badger animal guide! – Dawn Pratt

This workshop is for you if you want to …

  • Deepen your connection with self
  • Receive messages from your animal guides
  • Express yourself and understand your present journey with greater depth and meaning
  • Experience more freedom through painting
  • Have a creative outlet for self-care and well-being


– Canvas
– Paint Brushes
– Acrylic Paint Colors 
– Mark Making Tools
– Stencils

Please wear clothes that you are comfortable to paint in or bring an apron.