Underestimating Your Value

I recently shared this message on my Facebook page:


Underestimating your VALUE. The last 3 out of 4 art items I sold the customer paid me MORE than I asked. I think the universe is trying to tell me something! This is a hard lesson for artists (and any entrepreneur really). We tend to undercut ourselves for fear of losing the sale instead of asking for our true worth. I hear you and I am working on it!  Thank you to those that believe in my value and are helping me see that too.


I received comments and messages about how you have had similar situations, how timely this message was or that you regrettably feel you have undersold your work recently and how difficult it is to place a value on creative work.


This made me want to dig deep, what is at the heart of undervaluing ourselves?



What do these words bring up for you? Spend time journaling or meditating on these words and see what comes up. Who and what do you value?

WORTH is tied to our inner critic that likes to critique and point out our flaws. Remind her that no matter what you do or don’t do, you are worthy and valuable all the same.
INSECURITY dulls our light, diminishes our positivity and inhibits our potential. This word may speak to our lack of confidence or our lack of abundance. In both instances, we are in a state of “lack”. Because we are in scarcity mindset we struggle with placing value on ourselves and our services.

ENOUGH-NESS has been a trigger for my own personal victim mentality. I am not enough just as I am, I need to learn more, do more, inspire more. I don’t have enough to function at a level I’d like in my community, so I limit my expectations, say no to things I desperately want to say yes to and hold on tight to what I have for fear of losing it. And finally, because of the first two beliefs of not being enough or having enough, I believe I am not worthy of more. This is the most perverse of the three because, it is here where I am keeping myself small and undervalued.

So, what do we do about it?


Let’s take a good look at how we treat ourselves. This clues us into what we think we’re worth. Learning how to meet your own needs is incredibly important.

Break one limiting belief at a time. This practice will build courage and show you what’s possible. I share some examples with if/than scenarios.
If I focus on taking care of myself, than I get to know who I am and more deeply. This helps me understand what I value and what fulfills me.
If I forgive myself for my struggles, fears and mistakes, than I  am able to accept who I am fully.

If I commit to being more positive and uplifting when I talk to myself, than I will boost my self-love and self-worth. 

If I work to heal my trauma around money and get clear that money is purely an exchange of energy, than I can allow myself to give and receive more freely.
Whatever may be happening in your life at the moment, I’m here to say…
You are worthy.
You are valuable.
You are enough.

When it comes to pricing my art, I’m coming to terms with the fact that it is OK to want to make a living from my artwork and to have an extraordinary life.


No matter what price I charge, someone will think its too much. This has nothing to do with me. It has to do with them, their budget, their money mindset, what they value and want to spend their money on and it’s okay not to lower prices to meet their needs. It’s okay for people to have to save up to buy from me. It’s okay to make a profit. ⁣It’s okay to make money!

Unless you’ve studied art history, art auctions and attending years of gallery openings, it’s difficult to understand the value of art. It’s up to us to show the value of our art.
Your gifts are worth it and when you really believe this you will attract the people who will be happy to pay what you deserve.

Some More Links on the Topic

100 Days of Beading Tutorials – Learn How to Make Your Own Jewelry

In my in my day job I work as a graphic designer and jewelry educator for Soft Flex Company. I have been with the company a very long time and my YouTube series, Free Spirit Beading, hit a huge milestone last month. I filmed my 100th episode! I have to say I am really proud of my hard work. I have been showing up on video, live on YouTube for 100 weeks! In that time, I have filmed a library of helpful jewelry making and beading techniques. It’s become an enjoyable part of my week.

On my 100th episode, I combined my love for painting and beading. In this video, I hand painted a wooden laser cut rabbit pendant from Allegory Gallery and used beads and beading wire from Soft Flex Company to create a multi-strand necklace.  Check out my 100th video below to see how I created this necklace.

Join me on Soft Flex Company’s YouTube channel on Monday’s at 3pm PST / 6pm EST.

More Art. More Dance. More Joy!

Hello Creative Soul,

How is your heart feeling lately? Our lives have been topsy turvy and if you are anything like me, we’ve been through a roller coaster of emotions processing it all. After allowing myself to feel all the feels, I’m waking up to the ways in which I’ve forgotten just how powerful I am and seeing how I can bring more of my love and magic into what I’m doing. This year forced us to slow down and re-evaluate how we show up for ourselves and our communities.

Bottom line, we need … more art. more dancing. more writing from our soul. more of what makes you feel alive. MORE JOY.

How many of us dance around the house during the day? I asked this question online and was so happy to hear many of you do! I equally heard “not nearly enough”. If you feel like like the latter, consider this your PSA to boogie more often! A little shimmy while cooking, or shake your hair dry to some tunes after the shower. Dance out your stress.

“Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose joy and keep choosing it every day.”

– Henri J.M. Nouwen

My devotion to living a life engaged with my creativity is always what gets me through. It brings me back to my personal power and helps me carry on. 

"Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose joy and keep choosing it every day." - Henri J.M. Nouwen

We cannot underestimate the power of creative community and self expression in times like these. In the beginning of the pandemic, I embarked on a healing journey through color; sharing a sketchbook color energy collage series followed by a 7 Chakra – Layer by Layer – Meditation Painting series. 

In the meditation painting series, each layer was created by feeling into the color and energy of the 7 chakras and painting the next on top of the week before, using just one canvas as a portal to self discovery.

When you are an artist following your path, the unexpected is to be expected. You never quite know how things are going to turn out. It is the same on the canvas.

Both the color energy sketchbook series and meditation painting series were streamed live to my creative community in the Discover Your Creative Magic Facebook Group and are currently available in the group for replay. I am working to edit both series of videos to make them available outside of Facebook as well. Stay tuned for that coming soon!

Beginning again.

Sweet friend, I’m beginning again.

Do you ever feel like you start the same things over and over. I’m over here like huh, I’m here starting over again?! It’s the beginning the hardest part? Why do I insist on repeating it over and over? It’s akin to the ocean, waves begin, grow, crash and begin again. The next wave may look similar to the first but, it’s not the same. That is how we have to look at it, it’s another beginning and even though it feels similar, it’s not the same. We have new experiences and lessons this time around that we  didn’t have before. It’s not an error that you are beginning again, it’s the practice of getting closer and closer to your truth.

My inner truth has been guiding me to show up, inspire and uplift. I started a creativity circle on Facebook to connect, get inspired, motivate and support one another through your self discovery through creativity. If interested, click here to join.

Tutorial Tuesday: Aloe Vera Pendant

I created a quick video tutorial to share how I made the Aloe Vera jewelry design pendant with Soft Flex beading wire, Jesse James Beads focal bead and Superduos from my beading book, Seed Bead Revolution.

P.S. I love how much this jewelry design mimics a dreamcatcher! 🙂

Catching Dreams Art Workshop

I teamed up with intuitive life coach Kerry Burki to help launch her upcoming membership site The Dreamcatcher Circle with a Catching Dreams: Intentional Creative Workshop.

Some believe feathers hanging from a dreamcatcher are a soft ladder for good vibes to glide down.

In this intentional creativity workshop, we tuned into our dreams, our desires, and our intuition.  We began the workshop with breathwork and dream intention setting. Each woman used essential oils and their intuition to pick a card to help guide them during the workshop. Kristen guides you to create your own dreamcatcher artwork that will hold magical power for your journey ahead and provided some sound healing and poetry reading while everyone painted, creating space for art as a mindful practice.
This class is available to take online! See details here.

We had such a great day! Each time I facilitate a workshop I’m reminded of how blessed I am to do this work, to have brave creative hearts sign up to journey with me and to have friends in my life like Kerry to collaborate with. It fills me with joy to help others discover their creative magic.

The Spiral is a sacred symbol that represents the journey and change of life as it unfolds; taking a labyrinth-like passage that leads to Source. The spiral symbol can represent the consciousness of nature beginning from its center expanding outwardly. Spirals have been linked to nature, the seasons, and the path of life: birth, growth, death and reincarnation.

Spirals are a powerful symbol to open the door to our biggest desires and summon them into being!

Creating with intention is more then painting a picture, it’s painting through the lens of self discovery and possibility. It’s listening to what shows up and how those colors and symbols can communicate to you. It’s a journey into self.
This class is available to take online! See details here.

The Dreamcatcher Circle is a nurturing online monthly membership community created by Kerry Burki where busy souls like you can slow down, tune in, discover just how powerful you are, & manifest your dreams. Visit

True Unconditional Love is Within You

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” – Buddha

I know the term SELF-LOVE gets tossed around a lot and honestly, I think it’s for good reason. We are starved for compassion towards ourselves. Being okay with who you are, just as you are – imperfections and all is what it all boils down to. It’s those imperfections that make you, well, YOU.

We are not taught to love ourselves unconditionally. “I will be able to love myself when …” is an all too common loop that happens inside our heads. I know growing up if you thought too highly of yourself you were called names like conceited or arrogant. So, I would knock myself down a notch. But, over time, knocking myself down became quite the nasty habit. You then look for love outside of yourself when what you really need is to LOVE YOUR WHOLE SELF.

This is a great excerpt about self-love from Whitney Freya’s book Rise Above:

“The only source of true unconditional love is within YOU.

No one else can possibly love you EXACTLY, 100% of the time, the way you really, really want them to. Only you can do this.

Until you rediscover this unconditional love you have for yourself, you will continue to look to others to provide this energy, this feeling, for you.

And when they let you down, because they don’t love you perfectly, your love for them becomes conditional. Then, their love for you becomes conditional. Or it feels that way. And you feel like you’ve been cheated or robbed, or somehow left out. You become the victim.”

Wow! Do you see how the act of not fully loving yourself ultimately puts you in place where you put conditions on your love and give others permission not to love you unconditionally either.

I saw this prickly pear cactus heart on my walk this morning. Seeing a heart out in the wild is a message of unconditional love and support from the universe. It all starts with you. The more you practice being loving, to yourself as well as others, the more love shows up in your life. Love is all around you.

Have you seen hearts around? What do their messages mean to you?

My Buddha painting shown above was painted live during the Phoenix Festival of the Arts. If you are interested in purchasing this Buddha painting (mural #9) or any of the murals that were created during the festival, please contact the Phoenix Center for the Arts at All murals are $300 + shipping.

Sacred Word of the Year: Light

Be the LIGHT – A message from my muse:

Rise up towards the light, rising sun, shining moon, illuminate and birth ones self. Smile. Notice the beauty that surrounds. Make more art. Let your inner radiance show. When you are in love with life, you naturally radiate that love.

You are here to light up the world. Take time to listen to your inner voice, that is all you need to inspire. Shine with the purest intentions. Show up as the shining light that you are and the best qualities of being human will continue to flow and circulate throughout the world. 

This little light of mine … I’m going to let it shine!

My heart has chosen LIGHT as my sacred word for 2018.

Choosing a sacred word of the year is one of my favorite New Year rituals. I love how it weaves it’s way through my year. It usually shows up in unexpected ways and always prove to be a guiding light. This is my 6th year choosing a word – I have chosen ABUNDANCE, CONNECTION, NOURISH, DEVOTED and PRESENCE. Some words served me better then others, but they all had something to teach me.

In sharing my word of the year, I believe that it creates a sacred energy that nourishes it’s intention.

I “tried on” a few word variations of light such as shine, illuminate, radiant and vibrant but, LIGHT felt right. Light brings visions of sunlight, moonlight, starlight that literally enables vision guiding us on our path. My 2017 word presence helped me to focus and re-focus on the now and with 2018 my desire is to focus and refocus on the light that surrounds. Allow it illuminate the dark places and bring forth goodness.

“We never really see the world exactly as it is. We see it as we hope it will be or we fear it might be.” ~Maria Popova on the podcast On Being with Krista Tippett

I’m tired of seeing the fear it might be and want to see it as I hope it will be.

Ways I wish to embody LIGHT

  • to seek the light while acknowledging and honoring the dark
  • to be the light; focus on what lights me up and share that with the world
  • to literally FEEL and BE lighter
  • to be a lightworker who chooses actions that raise the vibration of the planet
  • to have a lightness of being; to connect with my authentic joy
  • to be light-hearted, take control of anxiety and laugh more
  • to light a fire under my ass and take positive action

Why Choose a Sacred Word for the Year?

ONE WORD deepens change. It relieves the pressure of having to make too many changes all at once and provides a laser focus on one significant change. Most of us forget our long list of intentions. It is easier to remember one word.

Tips to Choosing your Sacred Word

➳ Ask, “What word do I want to embody into in 2018?”
➳ Intuitively choose a magazine.
➳ Flip until you find a word that surprises or delights you, cut it out.
➳ Research and contemplate what your word means to you.
➳ Let your word pick you. If you “think” it’s not right but, you can’t shake it – honor it.
➳ Create artwork to celebrate and illustrate your word.

This month, in my  private Facebook community I’m sharing about choosing a word of the year.

I talk about how to find your word and then walk you how I created a word of the year visual intention collage as a reminder to amplify your intention. If you would like join, click here: Discover Your Creative Magic Community

Welcome 2018.

Do you get excited about the new year and a fresh start? I absolutely love it! 

I have been musing over my word of the year LIGHT, de-cluttering and re-arranging my studio space and dreaming about all the possibilities that 2018 holds.I love the Unravel your Year Workbook by Susannah Conway and use it at the beginning of year to look back and look ahead.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lazo Tzu

One single step I have made this month is that I created a private Facebook Group where you can hang out with me and other like-minded amazing creative hearts!

I wanted a little spot on the world-wide-web where I can show up, meet, connect, discuss, get inspired, motivate and support each others self discovery through creativity experience.

I will be hosting monthly themes and doing free live video check-ins.

This month, I’m sharing about your one word of the year. Choosing a word of the year is my favorite New Year ritual! I talk about how to find your word and then walk you through creating a visual reminder to amplify your intention. I’m super excited about it and would love for you to join us.

Join here >>> Discover Your Creative Magic Community

It is with great love that I wish you a year full of creativity and an abundance of joyful moments in 2018. Love and light xo

Phoenix Festival of the Arts 2017 Recap

Painting outside, among other artists, and getting the chance to chat with with people in my community about art is right up there with my best. day. ever. This was my third year participating in the Phoenix Festival of the Arts  event, held every December, and I love it more and more each time.

Check out this quick video walk around the artists mural area at the beginning of day 3.

This year I was called to create the Buddha below and had the pleasure of collaborating with each of the artists on ether side of my mural.

Here is a flipagram of my work in progress on the Buddha mural.

This painting was a collaboration with Carlos Mendoza during the Phoenix Festival of the Arts and it was SOLD! Hooray! It was a privilege to work with Carlos, as you can see here he’s a very talented artist.

If you are interested in purchasing the Buddha (mural #9), the Eagle (mural #8/9), or any of the murals that were created during the festival, please contact the Phoenix Center for the Arts at All murals are $300.