7 Days to Awaken Your Creative Spirit – Day 5: INTUITIVE FLOW COLLAGE

Intuition is a way of knowing without thinking.

It comes from a much deeper place than the thoughts that we all use most of the time. When we connect with intuition and choose to be guided by it, our life enters a process of change from suffering to joy. It is a way to heal and a way to grow at the same time.

Cut and paste an intuitive dream collage.

You will need a few magazines, glue and a piece of cardboard, paper or journal to create your collage on. If you have a cereal box or similar item in your pantry you can use that as the backing.


Flip through the magazine pages and cut out anything that catches your eye. If you are drawn to an image, a word, a saying, a color, anything – cut it out. Do not analyze it or make any judgement about it. Just flip and cut. Do this for until you feel you have enough material to work with for your background.


Now, lay out all the cuttings and give them a good look over and seek out any common threads and begin to arrange them, trim up the images and start gluing them into your cardboard, paper or journal. STEP BY STEP you create the change and strengthen your right brain’s intuitive power!

Here are two small intuitive dream collages in my journal. On the left, I saw my desires for share transformative art making with others and on the right I found common threads of balancing life and accepting how I look at a time when I was feeling pretty down about my appearance.

I created this intuitive dream collage at a time when I was I stuck in a deep lack mindset and struggling financially. The images that arrived showed me that I yearned for security, to figure out the puzzle of money in life and to LOVE money in a way I never did before. It brought me to the realization that my feeling around money were very far from love and that I may have been inadvertently pushing it away all this time.

After creating this collage I flipped to the back and wrote this message to remind me of all that I have, give thanks and invite more money into my life. It was a powerful shift in how I thought about my money matters and how much I needed to heal this part of me.


If you see a clear message arrive in your collage I encourage you to think about how you can craft a message of hope and healing for your dream and write that next to it or on the backside like I did here.