7 Days to Awaken Your Creative Spirit – Day 6: SOUL SCRIBBLES

Creativity is extremely important to me because it let’s me bring my truth into the world. 


It gives me a chance to heal and inspire others. It brings out ideas I can use in my business and life. And when I’m creative, I am a fulfilled and happier human which improves my relationships. Being creative is an act of self-love and acceptance. 

Why is creativity important to you?

Find your answers to remind you why you want to make time to create. With a daily creative practice you will find your life is filled with more JOY and more of YOU. We all worry that we are not “good enough” to exercise our creativity.  But the truth is, we are all born creative, you may have just lost your way. Let’s take back that truth.

A soul scribble is like looking for pictures in the clouds.

This is a really fun quick exercise any one can do! I have been amazed at the messages that show up. If you are feeling stuck this is a quick way to get out of your own way and get ideas flowing again.

Create a soul scribble

All you do is a quick 3 second “scribble/swoosh” with your pen, pencil or marker, and then see what comes to mind.

Put your maker on the paper, close your eyes, and 1-2-3,

LIFT your pen or pencil up.

Open your eyes. What do you see?

Turn your paper 90 degrees and then again until you see something. Then fill in that picture a bit more clearly. You can add more lines and details to finish it.

Write down the first THREE to FIVE words that come to mind. Allow those five words to start a train of thought, your musings, that you capture in your journal. What does it all make you think of? Write that!

If you saw something specific like an animal or symbol, search online and see what meaning that brings you. Write down the meanings that speak to you.

I created these two soul scribbles close to one another, do you see how “patience” showed up as a meaning of each of these two very different symbols that arrived? They were sending me a message that things come in their own time and at their own pace.


What messages do your soul scribbles have for you?!