Soul Painting

Take an Expressive Art Journey with Me!

Intuitive and intentional soul painting is a painting experience – you are not just painting a painting – you are taking a journey. It’s a practice in letting go, exploring color, taping into energy and healing as you enjoy the painting process and allow your artwork to unfold. You follow your intuition and just go with it. Don’t attach yourself to an outcome. This is where our creative source works magic.

Life is yours to CREATE! Together we will delight in the pure joy of creating. You’ll return to your inner child, the one who never doubted the ability to create. You’ll leave feeling empowered to jump into painting or other creative endeavors with your heart wide open. I will share how I tap into the magic of creative source and boost your confidence in your creative with simple tricks that will allow your personal creativity to flow.





My soul painting classes are a safe, judgement-free zone to create! I guide you through a multi-layer painting process with lots of room for self expression. Embrace the opportunity to play and give yourself permission to paint with abandon. Not artistic? No worries – all you need is an open mind and a willingness to let go and enjoy the journey in an inspiring and judgement-free creative environment. No experience needed.

Expressive Art Soul Painting Workshops

Animal Guide Meditation & Painting Workshop – Online Now!

Discover, paint, and work with your animal guide. Tap into your wild joy as we play with paint and layers to create works of art with a focus on animal guides. Animals are a source of wisdom and enlightenment. Your animal spirit will guide the energy you are going to paint … freedom, peace, courage, joy and more! Join this virtual workshop and create a sacred intentional painting that supports your self-discovery!


  • Connect with your current animal guide
  • Receive wisdom and guidance from your animal guide
  • Paint a multi-layered picture of your animal guide
  • Use your artwork as a way to connect with and work with your animal guide
  • Begin to use animal medicine and energy in your life

Rise Above by Whitney Freya Book Club
A Monthly Art Making Book Club Coming in 2023

Paint Yourself Free
Experience the joy of creative freedom in this intuitive painting workshop. Tap into your inner power and inspiration as I guide you through a multi-layered, wild & free abstract painting infused with your personal colors and symbols.

Paint Yourself Zen
Experience the joy of art as meditation as you create to alleviate stress and worry and bring in peace. Tap into the healing power of symbols as you embrace painting as soul work. Each 3 week series will focus on a particular feeling and symbol.

Let Your Creativity Grow Wild
Tap into your wild joy as we play with paint and layers to create works of art with a focus on flowers, cacti, succulents, plants and trees.

Paint Your Dreams
Tap into your wild joy as we play with paint and layers to create works of art with a focus on your dreams and creating a dream catcher painting.

Super Soul Flow Angel Wings – 2 Full Days

Mediation canvas to help you rise about your fears, doubts and worries and soar! Create sacred intentional paintings that support your dreams, self discovery and transformation.

Into the Wild
Tap into your wild joy as we play with paint and layers to create works of art with a focus on animal guides, butterflies and birds. Create sacred intentional paintings that support your self discovery and transformation.

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