Agate Necklace Collection

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The idea of creating “collections” has been on my mind lately. I usually work on one-of-a-kind items. My creativity comes in spurts and I create what I want in the moment. It’s fast, inspiring and most of the time fleeting. My agate necklace collection started in the same way. I created a necklace for my sister years ago. She has loved it all these years and when she visited me in March she asked that I make one for a friend. We picked a few stones, I made her friend one and her two more and thought about how other people may enjoy this style of necklace.




My mom came out to visit a few months later and requested a necklace for herself so, I made her two and picked up a handful of more stones to work with. That’s how this collection got started! I have lovingly hand picked and wire wrapped a handful of sliced agates ranging from 3-4 inches. Then, I adorn them with a bead and hang on chain ranging in lengths from 18″-30″ for a a uniquely versatile statement necklace.




Brazilian agate is one of the most beautiful minerals on earth. The rough contour of the outside of the rock is a contrast to the beauty within. It has taken about 80 million years to form and each slice is an original. The agate’s vivid color may be obtained through a dye process, but the markings in the stone are natural. Brazilian agate balances the four energies: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Worn for protection, centering, healing and strength as well as better concentration, more confidence and an overall feeling of composure. Protects you from stress and energy drains.

I find myself wearing one of these necklace almost daily. I like the long length and something about wearing natural stones grounds me. Agate being a protector from stress and energy drains sure helps too.  These natural agate necklaces will lend a natural raw edge to your everyday style. Click to shop the Agate Necklace Collection.