Cracking Creativity Podcast Interview

So I did a thing, I had my first podcast interview! I had a wonderful conversation with Kevin Chung for his Cracking Creativity Podcast about letting go, the power of play and following your intuition. You can listen to my episode by clicking here.

20:06 “Just keep letting go. Just keep letting what happens, happen on the canvas. Paint dries. You can paint over it. You can always change the outcome… and that’s the same in life. You can always change the outcome. You can always do something different. Try something different. And that is so much more empowering and so much more exciting to me than being perfect.”

I also created a free email series for you called “7 Days to Awaken Your Creative Spirit” to go along with this podcast. If interested, click to sign up here.

Kevin Chung, thank you so much for this opportunity. It was a great conversation and you put this podcast newbie at ease! Kerry Burki thank you for introducing Kevin to me and for being an amazing friend and business guide on this path. I appreciate you so much! xoxoxo