Honoring the Trees at Woods Canyon Lake


Last month, after our visit to the Grand Canyon  we headed home along the scenic Beeline highway. It was the first time I traveled from Flagstaff down through Payson on that road. Our first stop was a quick one at Lake Mary to admire the HUGE dandelions and make some wishes.


Next we drove through Happy Jack, Strawberry and Pine. The tall trees and cooler temps were delightful. We wanted to stop and have a picnic before getting to Payson, but didn’t realize how tough it would be to find a sub shop. In hindsight, I should have packed a cooler before we left Flagstaff. We ate lunch at a cafe in Payson instead. Lunch was great, but I was pretty disappointed we didn’t end up having a picnic in the trees. I was so looking forward to that. After lunch we decided to take a side trip to one of favorite spots to decompress, Woods Canyon Lake on the Mogollon Rim. We all enjoyed being outside in the cool air surrounded by trees and water.

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I was so happy we stopped that I was inspired to honor the trees with tree pose. I just learned to do full tree pose and it’s my new favorite. I have practiced yoga for a long time and could never get my leg up in the full position, instead I always placed my foot between my ankle and knee. During my morning practice one day, I decided to give it a try yet again and low and behold I did it and have been able to hold the full position ever since. Good reminder that even if you have tried and tried before, always try again.

2016-07-18 16.06.20

To get to Woods Canyon Lake from Phoenix, take loop 202 east to Arizona 87 (Beeline Highway) and go north to Payson. From there, Arizona 260 about 29 miles east to Forest Road 300. Turn left (north) and go 4 miles to Forest Road 105. Turn north and continue for 1 mile to the lake.