Handmade Bracelet Bonanza

I have been an a bracelet making kick! I have new designs as well as restocked a few favorites in my shop.


First up are these new art deco + bohemian chic macrame bracelets.

I shared this jewelry tutorial on how to make this design and instantly feel in love with it that I had to make a collection of colors. Beautiful when layered together or with other bracelets. Made with high quality beading wire coated in nylon that will never fade, fray or chip.

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Next up are these dainty, delicate modern bar bracelets.

Minimalist elegance on your wrist. Beautiful and simple alone and lots of fun when layered. I made a bunch of these to sell at a local shop and they sold out fast! So naturally, I whipped up a few more. This is the last batch for awhile as I need to replenish my supplies.

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Last but not least I restocked these one-of-a-kind knitted bangle bracelet designs.

I hand knit the bracelet with high quality flexible beading wire and a knitting spool. These bracelets fit like a bangle and are for those of us who like a piece of jewelry that’s bold, one-of-a-kind and makes a statement. Sizes and styles vary.

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