Seed Bead Revolution Book In Progress

I finished, I Finished, I FINISHED! Woot Woot!!!

I’m sooo excited that I finished all my jewelry instructions for the book “Seed Bead Revolution” I’m working on with Sara Oehler!

A big project that has had me beading all day and night is a beading how-to book I’m co-authoring with my friend Sara. I completed my 16 beading designs and we photographed all 32 projects this Friday.

Here’s a sneak peek at one of my design sets that will appear the book – squeeeeeee! You can easily make this necklace and earring set. Seriously.

Sneak peek photo by Jennifer Lind Schutsky and I’m in awe of her photo skills! Thank you for sharing your magic Jenn!

I am moving on to the tougher parts of the process – instruction writing and book design. Oh my goodness, it’s about to get really REAL!!! Can’t wait to share more – stay tuned as we get ready to launch this book this summer! #seedbeadrevolution