Abstract Mandalas I and II

One of my favorite things to paint is mandalas. The repetition of shapes and patterns is freeing and calming to create. You simply start with a center and add on one row at a time. As mandalas change and evolve they help you to see how one thing leads to the next. They are a good tool for trusting and working through your intuition. I fall into a blissful meditative state whenever I draw or paint one. Today I want to share with you two different but, similar styled abstract mandala paintings I have created. You’ll also find a link to watch a work in progress painting video. Super vulnerable moment as I’m not very confident on camera but, you have to start somewhere. xo

AbstractMandala-copyrightAbstract Mandalas I, 30″x 48″, 2013

AbstractMandalasII-copyrightAbstract Mandalas II, 24 x 36, 2015
See a work in process video of this painting on YouTube

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