Art meets Poetry

Today, I want to share a poem with you. At the end of last year I created an art calendar featuring a colorful collection of my favorite paintings. My friend Dave who has a wonderful way with words graciously purchased a few calendars as gifts. After receiving them, he was inspired to write a poem using the titles of my artworks.

With Dave’s permission here is his poem:

Sometimes we get caught up in life and it feels hard to Breathe. Our shoulders drop like a weeping Acacia tree, our emotions Swirl. We long to run in the tall grass, amongst the Dragonflies. We long to wish upon the Dandelion’s and wonder. We relish the Sunflower’s of daylight and the Fireflies warm signal of nightfall. We accept that we are Connected in Love, in Truth and in Spirit. We cling tight the Autumn Vines and accept change, we Breathe.

by Dave Pagano

How awesome is that? Isn’t that is the sweetest poem any artist could ask for? This brought tears to my eyes when I read it.  Honestly, it was so unexpected that he was moved to write these words. They made my heart sing with happiness. Thank you so very much Dave, you have an amazing talent, my friend. xoxo