Beginning again.

Sweet friend, I’m beginning again.

Do you ever feel like you start the same things over and over. I’m over here like huh, I’m here starting over again?! It’s the beginning the hardest part? Why do I insist on repeating it over and over? It’s akin to the ocean, waves begin, grow, crash and begin again. The next wave may look similar to the first but, it’s not the same. That is how we have to look at it, it’s another beginning and even though it feels similar, it’s not the same. We have new experiences and lessons this time around that we  didn’t have before. It’s not an error that you are beginning again, it’s the practice of getting closer and closer to your truth.

My inner truth has been guiding me to show up, inspire and uplift. I started a creativity circle on Facebook to connect, get inspired, motivate and support one another through your self discovery through creativity. If interested, click here to join.