Little Moon

Some of my favorite moments as a child involve looking up at my beloved night sky. Nighttime swimming at my uncle’s house as a kid was the best. I found so much peace and happiness floating along the water and looking up at the darkness. At my childhood home, sitting on top of our roof outside my sister’s bedroom window was my all time favorite spot to relax and dream.

When Bert and I moved into our own home in the desert, my sacred space was swinging in our hammock, you guessed it, under the night sky. I have always been a night owl and I’m sure my connection to the moon and stars is why I am that way.

While painting intuitively, you can imagine the joy I had when this sweet little moon face appeared! The stars showed up after and I love the whimsy nature of them. Oh Little Moon, you have my heart!

LittleMoon-copyrightLittle Moon, 24″x 36″, 2015, Original Sold

This beauty was sold quickly and went to the home of a wonderful soul in Phoenix.
She also has a love for the night sky so, I knew it was meant to be.


I have this art printed on my phone case and get to see and enjoy it every day!

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