Make Art Monday: Trust and Play



I enjoy having a creative challenge float around in the back of my mind to keep me motivated to create, connected to a community and push me to create something I may not on my own.  Currently, I’m being inspired by Make Art Monday hosted by Jo Kilma of Maps to Herself.  I am sharing my practice on my instagram feed @kristenfagan and my Facebook art page, Creative Stash each week. So far we have had the word, Trust and Play and this week’s word is Light. I enjoy how vague the words are and it’s really fun to see what other people create and how different the art can be! Use #makeartmonday on instagram, twitter or facebook to see what others are creating.

Make Art Monday – TRUST


Make Art Monday – PLAY



Make Art Monday is a creative weekly practice for anyone who would like to take a little time out of their week to tap into their artistic and intuitive self.  For more info and to join the Make Art Monday creative practice, click here.