Perfectly Imperfect Birthday


This weekend, I celebrated my birthday with Bert and the boys. Last week was the first week of having both kids back to school. With the boys going to two different schools, a new work schedule for me, trying to make more home cooked dinner and packing lunches every evening I was wiped out by my birthday on Friday. I woke up a little cranky and blah, and the day went a bit awry. I kind of wished instead of working for the day, I would have planned a pedicure or lunch date for myself. Ah, well. I perked up after work and was pleasantly surprised when my birthday gift from Bert arrived early from Zappos. I wasn’t expecting it until next week. I opened the box with excitement to find men’s boots instead of my new pair of Birkenstocks. Luckily, Zappos is awesome. They apologized, got the right shoes in the mail and offered me a nice sized coupon to use on a future purchase – I already took advantage and ordered something I’ve wanted for awhile, a coffee grinder. By the way, when did Zappos begin carrying so much stuff?! After picking the kids up from school we stopped at Sprouts and I thought getting myself some flowers would be awesome. The boys picked out a beautiful white orchid plant. We headed home and when I walked in the door, I saw a huge purple and yellow orchid plant on the table. I was floored. Bert had the same idea! I couldn’t help but laugh. Now I have an beautiful purple orchid plant in the kitchen and the white one I bought myself in my studio. I wasn’t feeling up to going out to dinner so, we ordered pizza. It was delicious as always but unfortunately it left me super bloated and my stomach hurt for the rest of the night. Bert picked up a rich luscious dark chocolate and raspberry cake that looked delicious but, I couldn’t eat it that night. The kids didn’t like it at all so, not much was eaten Friday. I sure enjoyed it for breakfast on Saturday though! Bert is such a great sport. He tried so hard to give me a perfect day but, at every turn something went awry. It was however, a beautifully imperfect birthday.

IMG_6281 roads

Lucky for me, I got a whole weekend to celebrate! I felt like I needed to get my nature fix so, we decided to drive north and visit one of my favorite spots near Payson – the Tonto Natural Bridge. There is something so special about this little gem of a place. We had a wonderful time hanging in the cool mist of the waterfall in the cavern under the bridge. Afterwards we had an early dinner in at a local diner and headed home. We were listening to the Grateful Dead on the drive home and “So Many Roads” came on. I love road trips, driving and taking in the scenery that surrounds always eases my soul. It was such a wonderful day.


Today, I got a chance to thrift shop and buy supplies for an art project I’m working on and then I relaxed at home. A little resting, reading and cleaning getting ready for a new week. Thank you for all the wishes of happiness for my birthday via texts, calls and social media! You guys sure know how to make a girl feel loved!!! I’m blessed to have so many wonderful and caring people in my life. I am looking forward to year filled with happiness, abundance, creativity and more imperfectly perfect moments!