The Best Things I Did in 2014


What changed my life this year? I want to share the things that made a difference in my happiness, life + abundance.

A really big deal for me this year was that I completed this new website and blog. Although it’s taking me a little while to get settled I love this new space so much. I started blogging in 2008 and was ready for an upgrade. My website was so out of date I took it down for a couple years before I completed this one. I had it in my head for at least two years that I wanted to take it up a notch and create something that I felt proud to show people and that I could grow with for the next few years. It feels good to begin again with a fresh new home on the web.

After a couple of years really concentrating on my health and wellness I got sidetracked. Towards the end of 2014 I began to come out of the fog and re-commit to eating healthy and moving my body. It hasn’t been easy or consistent but, it’s a step in the right direction and my mind is more on board with making the commitment then it’s been in some time.

I allowed myself to say no to business opportunities and projects that didn’t feel right. I spent more time at home, with my family and doing “mom stuff”. It’s been a huge transition year for our family schedule, finances and time management and one of the best things I did was acknowledge that a lot was changing and that I needed to let things flow and in some cases let things go and be totally okay with it.

I treated myself and our kids more. Our family has been on a very tight budget for what seems like forever and treating ourselves has been at the very bottom of the list. This year, I bought new clothes, art supplies, body care, high quality food, kitchen gadgets and home decor items – all of which were out of reach the last few years. I also did the same for our kids. When they needed something, I got it. When they wanted to play a sport, I signed them up. If we were out and they wanted something small, I said yes more often. My kids are really great about understanding the cost of things. They have only ever known us to be on a budget. If it wasn’t on sale it wasn’t likely to happen. It’s felt really nice to give a little more then they have been used to. I didn’t go crazy but, I loosened the reins and allowed all of us to enjoy some things “just because”.

Here are some notable events and things that happened this year:

Art Date at Moma

Participated in Inktober – 31 Days, 31 Drawings

– Changed my weekday work schedule to be off when kids get home from school

– Took my kids to help pack food at Feed my Starving Children

– Met my godson, Joseph Liam and painted art for his nursery.

– Refinished our dining room table

Shared new art works in progress

– Took a family vacation to Disneyland

Participated in the community art project, Mesa Street Art Love

– Family trip to New York, celebrated my sister’s baby shower, fun on Fire Island, visited the NYC and saw Phish.

Collaborated with my youngest son, Hudson on our backyard art bench

Participated in the Beads of Courage Jewelry Design Challenge

– Got a ton of dental work done, everyone in the family is all caught up

– Took a sewing class with my friend Amanda and learned how to use a sewing machine.

Shared monthly jewelry tutorials

– Saw Ethan read his poem at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. He won Honorable Mention out of 600 entries

– Watched many dance performances with Hudson and his hip hop performance crew

– Supported my husband any way I could as he took on his own journey of growth and success.

This year has really been about giving my family as much support as I can to help them thrive as well as allowing myself to take a step back and be supported and cared for instead of doing it all by myself.

I hope your 2014 has been filled with wonderful lessons and that you’ve emerged from it stronger, wiser + more joyful than ever before.