The Enchanted Tarot

While checking out the Creative Catalysts Silver Lining exhibit at K’é – A Place to Grow Small Business during 2nd Fridays in downtown Mesa, I spotted a sidewalk sign for a metaphysical shop and decided to take a peek. I have been wanting to get a deck of oracle cards for a while. This shop only carried Tarot, however I could use them similar to oracle cards.

I opened and flipped through the first deck. Pictures were pretty, seemed like a nice deck. I then opened the second deck and I was hit with an overwhelming sense of tingling that began on the left arm and went up over my head and down the right arm. Whoa! I had heard about the deck connecting with you energetically, but couldn’t believe it really just happened. It began as soon as I opened the box and took me by surprise. It was such a strong sensation. As I flipped through the artwork and I just kept tingling all the way down my body. It was so strange and delightful at the same time. I was laughing and telling the girl at the counter how I couldn’t believe that actually happened. I obviously had to buy this deck.

I have been enjoying the ritual of asking the deck what I needed to know that day, drawing a card and then learning about the meaning. It helps me stop and think about what the card is trying to tell me in regards to what’s going on in my life at the moment. The first 3 days I pulled cards that all related in some way to finances, I know the universe is trying to tell me something there!

Have you used tarot or oracle cards? I’d be interested to hear how you use them.