Tutorial Tuesday: Celtic Bead Dangles


Tutorial Tuesday is a blog series where I share a do-it-yourself jewelry tutorial on Soft Flex Company’s blog.

With this design, I wanted an earring that I can wear to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! This is project is easy, fast and great for a beginning beaders. Only skill required is crimping. For crimping help, please visit Soft Flex Company’s webpage, All about Crimps.


(2) Celtic Beads
(12) 4mm Green Fire Polish Beads
(10) Silver Spacer Tubes/Beads
(2) Silver Ear Wires

Cut Soft Flex Beading Wire into two 8″ lengths, one for each earring.  String Celtic style bead, then crimp tube. Take the other end of the wire make a circle back through the crimp tube for your first loop. Now using the tail that went through the crimp for the loop, string your beads for the second loop. Alternate 1 green fire polish bead and 1 silver spacer tube until you have 6 green fire polish beads and 5 spacer tubes. Then take the tail and feed it through the crimp tube again making your second loop.

Now take the longer wire tail and feed it through the crimp tube in the opposite direction making a small loop at the top. This little loop will attach to your ear wire. Adjust wires until you are happy with size of all three loops. When ready, use your Mighty Crimping Pliers to close the crimp tube.You use the Mighty Crimping Pliers just like the Regular Crimping Pliers. For crimping instructions, click here.

Finally, trim off the excess wire close to the crimp and use your chain nose pliers to attach you ear wire to the top loop. Make your second earring the same way. When making the second earring pay attention to the loop sizes of all three loops before crimping.