Tutorial Tuesday: DIY Wire Wrap Napkin Rings


Tutorial Tuesday is a blog series where I share a do-it-yourself jewelry tutorial on Soft Flex Company’s blog.

Wrap up these twig inspired wire napkin rings for your Thanksgiving day gathering or gift them as a “thank you” for this year’s holiday hostess!


Two Tone Champagne Colored 3 Cut Czech Glass Beads
Tube to wrap wire around (I used wrapping paper tube)

Cut 40″ of Craft Wire. Use your nylon jaw pliers to smooth out the wire. Wrap wire around the tube 6 times.

Remove from the tube, take the short wire end and using your chain nose pliers wrap the wire tail around one of the loops to secure the ring.


Now use the long wire tail and feed it through the ring. Zig zag the wire up and down adding in two or three beads on every other pass. I found that if my wire was even slightly bent some beads had a hard time passing through. Using my nylon jaw pliers to smooth out the wire before stringing the beads helped in most cases.If you happen to run out of wire, you may easily add more by wrapping the end of a new wire piece around one of the ring wires and then continue zig zagging up and down and adding beads as you were.


Continue until you have used most of the wire and wrap the wire end around the ring to secure.


Many wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving!