Volunteer Art Projects

When artistic opportunities arise at my kids’ schools I try my best to make the time to help. It’s not always easy but, it is always worth it. It’s a way I can be involved while doing something I love to do – win/win!

Here are two art projects that came up this year that I was happy to help with.


Hudson’s class worked on a collaborative art project to auction off at the school’s annual fundraiser. I was delighted to help the class with their creation. I brought in few options and the class voted on which idea they liked best. Then, I went into class a few times to assist the kids in painting the background and patterns for the piece. We also decided to include their classroom character traits so, you’ll see words like Honest, Respectful, Appreciative sprinkled throughout. Then I took all the painted sticks home, arranged them and framed them. I really love the end result – the kids did an amazing job!


Ethan’s school athletic day was centered around the Greek Olympic games and the P.E. instructor had the idea to create shields for the teams. They traced Greek symbols onto the shields and me and few other parents painted them for the event. I also helped out during field day by scoring the shot put event and got to see the opening and closing ceremonies with all the shields displayed! Such a fun day.