Work in Process: Desert Nectar

Desert Nectar
24″ x 36″

I worked on the background for this piece a few months ago.  Unsure of what to paint I let it sit in studio for awhile. I wanted to add to another desert plant painting to my collection so, when I thought about what to create, a picture I took of my neighbors plants popped in my head. The hummingbird appeared while I painted. I adore hummingbirds and always get excited when I see one so when he appeared in my artwork I was tickled! After a little research today, I found that this plant is called “Blue Elf Aloe” which doesn’t feel like a fitting name so, it’s all the more fitting to me that the hummingbird turned out to be blue.


Work in Process posts share the visual journey of one of my paintings from the first drips of color to the finished piece. I hope you enjoy this peek into my process! Click here to see all the posts in this ongoing series.

Desert Nectar is for sale. Email me if interested in purchasing.