Treetastic 4 at Firehouse Gallery

12472332_10153940711881047_7494807006385886134_nApril 15th- May 7th 2016
Treetastik: Life Amongst the Trees at the
Firehouse Gallery 1015 N. 1st Street PHX
Curated by Spider aka Kristina Kuhl

Through Art and inspirations , trees provide life from shelter, to food, to imagination, and even magical. From animals who take shelter in trees to childhood treehouses & mysterious fairies this 4th annual Treetastick will be full of life and magic. Over 20 local Arizona Artists bring you a tree inspired artworks. It’s a beautiful show and one I’m proud to be a part of. I’ll be downtown this Friday, May 6th. Please invite your friends and connections to the show and I hope to see you there!

Lauren Bishop
Richard Bledsoe
Cindy G. Castillo
Sondra Carr
Krisiten Fagan
Massimo Kylene Corponi
Tara Gamel
Margarete Beeson-Giacomazzo
Winston Harrell
Bill Hemphill
Karma Jean
Kristina Kuhl
Lori Landis
Jamie Long
Kara Marshall
Jewell Medina
Chuck McCune
Nancy Romanovsky
Kristy Theilen
Leslie Walker
Steve Wesby
Jason Youngdale
Rachelle Olsen
Kharli Mandeville