Good Karma Sale: 15% off + Support for Standing Rock



The GOOD KARMA SALE is back! What’s that? It’s a chance to make the holidays meaningful + spread good karma by pledging to give back. Today through November 28th at midnight, I’ll be donating 10% of my sales to the Standing Rock Medic + Healer Council.

15% off your entire purchase in my shop >>

Use the coupon code GOODKARMA at checkout to redeem your discount.

Want to donate directly to the Medic + Healer council? Find info here:

What is a Good Karma Sale? Started by Kim Krans of The Wild Unknown Tarot – “In 2013, we decided to raise the vibration of our annual holiday sale with the launch of our Good Karma Movement, inviting other artists, designers, brands and businesses to join us in our shared commitment to donate 5-10% of our Black Friday through Cyber Monday revenue to charity. ” Learn more here:

Liz from The Lotus Root introduced me this movement and is also participating. Visit her shop here:

Free Printable: Make Your Own Gratitude Jar


Several years ago I kept a gratitude journal that really helped me recognize all that I have to be thankful for. Today, I am sharing a variation on that idea that includes the whole family! I created a free printable to go along with a thankful family activity you are sure to love.


Jar, ribbon, tape or glue and this free printable.

1. Click to download and print the free gratitude jar printable.
2. Cut and adhere the label to your jar.
3. Tie a ribbon around the jar for decoration (optional).
4. Cut the prompts below into strips.
5. Fill in the blanks and place them in the jar.


For a meaningful Thanksgiving day activity, create this gratitude jar and read through your family’s responses before of after Thanksgiving dinner.
Printable created in collaboration with Soft Flex Company.

Healing Stone Collection: Gemstone Shield Necklaces


Do you ever wish you could walk through life with the knowledge that you are protected? That you sense an invisible shield around you, keeping negativity at bay and amplifying more of the positive energy you want to embody? I want that too! I believe in the power of gemstones and created the gemstone shield necklace collection as a beautiful way to support you so you feel confident to walk boldly in the world. Gemstones emit vibrations that that can aid the wearer in different ways. Each stone’s unique composition infuses it with powerful energy that can be utilized for specific purposes, such as to protect, heal, release spiritual blockages, energize, provide mental clarity, and more.


Click to see the collection and the energy each necklace embodies.


Peace: A Symbol of Love and Equality

Peace Mandala
Original available. Message me to inquire.
Prints and printed products available >>

A few Peace Mandala prints have sold over the last week. One was purchased this morning and it brought my attention to the fact that peace is something we all crave. Especially in times of fear and sadness. I began this painting during a soul quenching painting party a year ago. The mandala grew into a sunflower and then the peace sign appeared after the attacks on France. I painted through the fear and sadness and the symbol emerged to guide me. It’s a symbol of love and equality. To remind me of the good in the world and to let that be the guiding light in my heart and mind.


It does not mean to be in a place with no noise, trouble or hard work.

It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.

~ unknown

Catching Dreams, An Intentional Art Workshop


Catching Dreams is an intentional creative workshop. For this workshop, I am teaming up with intuitive life coach Kerry Burki to help you tune into your dreams, your desires, and your intuition. Kerry will guide you on a meditation journey and mini-oracle card reading beforehand to help you get clear on your dreams and what might be blocking your access to them and Kristen will guide you to create your own dreamcatcher artwork that will hold magical power for your journey ahead.

The new moon is the beginning of the lunar cycle and is a rebirth and regeneration of energy.

It is a more restful and calming energy though and becomes more active towards the full moon. This is a good time to explore new projects and goals and dreams you wish to see through.

Some believe feathers hanging from a dreamcatcher are a soft ladder for good vibes to glide down.

Through getting clear on your desires and the creation of your dreamcatcher artwork during the new moon, you will attract those good vibes and have a visual reminder of those big, beautiful dreams of yours! Create art as a mindful practice and bring your intention for the coming months into visual form.

Heart full of moonlight
Soul full of dreams

Catching Dreams Workshop Details:

October 1, 2016
Lively Mind Art Studio
3232 N 16th St.
Phoenix, Arizona
1 pm – 4 pm

Click Here to Register

Bring a pen and paper or journal.
Have a dream in mind that you are working towards or want to explore.
No experience needed.
All supplies included.
Bring your favorite beverage (BYOB).
Light snacks provided.
Wear clothes you don’t mind getting paint on.

*** Limited to 10 Dreamers.***



Watercolor Arrow Illustrations

It’s not every day that a project comes along that fits with my style so well that the work is all play, but that’s exactly what happened when Kerry contacted me to work on arrow illustrations for her. I started out with page of arrow sketches in pen, then I created a couple watercolor sketches. In the final step, I needed to adjust the color palette. I manipulated the colors in Photoshop based on the color swatches that Kerry provided and BOOM Kerry Burki’s arrows were born.

arrow-pensketch arrows-pensketch2




arrows-watercolorsketch1 arrows-watercolorsketch2 arrows-watercolorsketch3 arrows-watercolorsketch4



I thought it was extra sweet that Kerry had a phone case made for herself from the arrow artwork. What a beautiful reminder for her to keep aiming for her dreams.

I truly loved every moment that I worked on these arrows. To have the opportunity to combine my art with design was pure magic. It’s a direction I have wanted to take my design work for a very long time. So grateful to work with a such an amazing person with a beautiful vision and desire to help others slow down to move forward. You can find out more about Kerry at










Art Blocks for Sale at Green Goddess Cafe

Shipped a few art goodies to Vermont! You can find a few original art blocks on reclaimed wood for sale at Green Goddess Cafe in Stowe, Vermont. If you are local or in the area for a visit, go grab a delicious espresso and baked good or bite to eat for brunch and support small business.





Reclaimed wood from Heather and Fred Studios in Tempe, Arizona.

Mandala Magic


Mandala Magic at Lively Mind Art Studio

I’m happy to announce a new offering at Lively Mind Art Studio this Saturday, September 17th – Mandala Magic. Create and explore the magical art of mandalas in a fun and nurturing environment.

In this workshop, you will create beautiful layered backgrounds with acrylic paint on canvas and add your own expressive mandala art. We will explore how to draw a freestyle mandala and create a collaborative design on paper before taking it to the canvas.

Even if you do not have a creative bone in your body, you can do this!

What is a mandala?

A mandala is a circular form with all kinds of shapes and symbols emerging from the center. Mandala art has been used throughout the world for self-expression, spiritual transformation, and personal growth. Mandalas are one of my favorite ways to get lost in process of creating.

Circles are very powerful symbols throughout nature, art and the world around us. They symbolize “wholeness, continuity, connection, unity, harmony and the cycle of life.”

Mandala Magic Class Details:


October 15, 2016
Lively Mind Art Studio
3232 N 16th St.
Phoenix, Arizona
6:30 pm – 9 pm

Click Here to Register

Please register in advance.

No experience needed.
All supplies included.
Bring your favorite beverage (BYOB).
Light snacks provided.
Wear clothes you don’t mind getting paint on.

*** Limited to 10 creative souls.***

Below are a few mandala paintings from past classes.








Want to attend a painting workshop and be notified of future dates? Click here sign up for email. If you would like to host a private painting party, email me at to discuss your event. I look forward to painting with you!



Studio Tour


Artists that inspire me at my desk: Clohn Art, April Howland, Kirk O’Hara, Tara Dawn. Affirmation banner, lotus and mandala paintings by me.


This summer my boys got their own bedrooms and I moved my home studio to a new spot in our house. It was a slow process. We downsized toys from the loft/playroom to make room for my studio and office. Lots of furniture re-arranging and space planning. We had to reorganize a bunch of closets too. I am officially setup in the loft instead of the spare bedroom and my sons are loving the extra spaces that are all their own. I’m excited to be in a much bigger space to spread out and create in! Two weeks ago, I popped in live on my Kristen Fagan Art and Design facebook page to give a quick studio tour.

Here is the Studio Tour video if you missed it:







Tutorial Tuesday: Boho Stone Necklace

I love chunky gemstones and had been eyeing a short strand of Lapis gemstone beads. I finally bought them for myself and am so happy I did! Soft Flex Company carries a wide range of short strand beads which allowed me to grab some really high quality beads at an affordable price. They are usually one-of-a-kind so, be sure to grab them when you see them! The shorter strand also forced me to dream up a design using less beads. Since chunky gemstones can get heavy, using less beads kept the design nice and lightweight. This long bohemian necklace is light and airy and with the fun pops of color, it’s perfect for hot summer days. I made a second necklace using cherry quartz beads for the tutorial below.



1. String five turquoise heishi beads onto a gold head pin. Using a pair of chain nose pliers, create a right angle above the last bead leaving 2mm of space between the top of the bead and the bend in the wire. Using a pair of round nose pliers, bend the wire into a loop. Cut off excess wire. Repeat 4 times so, you have 5 dangles. 

2. Cut 7″ of beading wire.Add a bead stopper on one end. String one cherry quartz beads and one spacer bead. Repeat 10 times. String one more cherry quartz bead. The length of beads is about 4″.

3. String one 2x2mm crimp tube on the wire end without the bead stopper. Loop your wire back through the crimp tube forming a small loop and crimp. Cut off excess wire. Repeat on the other side after removing the bead stopper. For step by step instructions on how to crimp with the magical crimping pliers, click here.

4. Cut one 2″ length of chain. Count the links and find the middle. My chain piece had 19 links so, I attached the middle dangle first onto link 10. Next, attach 2 dangles to the right and 2 dangles to the left of your middle dangle, skipping one link in between them. So in my 19 link chain length example, you have dangles attached to links 6, 8, 10, 12, 14.

5. Cut a long length of chain (24″-30″) depending on how long you would like your necklace to be.

6. Using chain nose pliers, open each jump ring and attach one to each end of the long chain segment. Next, slide the looped ends of the gemstone strand to each of the jump rings and lastly, add the small chain segment with the dangles to each of the jump rings and twist the jump rings closed.

The long length allows you to omit the clasp and place the necklace over your head.

Have fun making it in all sorts of color and gemstone shape combinations!